Photography induction or my inner sulky dwarf sends greetings to you

Dear world!

Here is one fact about me: I LOVE taking pictures. Capturing the details, freezing time and feelings, having opportunity to experience someone’s memories even if it  happened  decades ago…. Sounds like magic or at least a superpower, huh?

However I used to be uninterested in that for lots of years. I thought that it is not for me and there are lots of better ways to convey information to the world. And then something changed in me.

So I was really thrilled before the photography class and also scared. Why? Because I know nothing about photoshop, light, horizon and other theoretical stuff. All that I use are my eyes, camera in the phone, some apps to work with contrast, structure …That’s it.  Nothing difficult or professional. That was the reason why I  was a little bit nervous.

Above that all I was challenged to find the photography room. It was a mess, no-one could explain where I should go and the building seemed to be an  inescapable labyrinth. I guess that to find a door to Narnia would be much more easier. But as u may understand I am writing now that post only because I succeeded to find that and am not wandering around in hope to find it till that time.  I still start feeling lost when I think about that working space though. Now if I need to send someone to hell I would rather tell a coward to go to the photography room, cause it is much more complicated to get there.

To cut the long story short I will just say that induction was pretty nice. We were shown lots of devices and spaces that we can use and I really enjoyed the part when a teacher told few things about history of photography and first devices of such kind. Nevertheless I was really confused. I was just introduced to lots of opportunities that I have, but the point is I have no knowledge how to use them. Even any idea. I mean, I have always been taking pictures outside. And I don’t know what I can do in the special photography space. I even don’t know how to operate a camera! So,  I feel like I really need some knowledge or practice, basically just to see and realize what I can do.

That’s why I was happy to have a small workshop with Lucy during which we were drawing with the light in the dark room. I could never imagine that I am able to do something of that kind! That was the most marvelous thing that I have experienced  in LCC yet.

Remember I mentioned once that I hate being ignorant in something?! That is such a case. I literally can’t function normally because of that small grumpy dwarf that drill my head  with his pick from inside scolding that I am stupid. So if I want to safe the last parts of my mental health, I must do another photography workshop or at least try to create something in there.

See u all! And good luck you with your own grumpy dwarfs!

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