Searching for characters

Dear world!

To be honest when I heard for the first time the subject of our work for future 6 weeks I was very confused. Letters? What a heck?!

So right after  we were given assignment brief I picked some friends and we ran to Alberta and Victoria Museum in order to find some material and inspiration to work with. We all stopped before entrance and decided to split and meet here in 3 hours afterwards. We felt like warriors that will be overcoming  tough obstacles.

And that’s how my first letter race began… I guess, I wasn’t so involved into alphabet even when I studied it in the kindergarten.

I guess that after this assignment I will continue to look for letter shapes in the surroundings unconsciously…

See u!


Screen printing induction or a shelter of alchemists

Dear world!

The day promised to be…. lets say ordinary… U see, it would be one more printing induction….Too much of printing in my life…

However, such approach to the class didn’t last long. As usual, I came there earlier than everybody, so I had the time  to look around and I  found….POSTCARDS! They are made by students and anyone may just come and pick up one ( it isn’t advertising >_<). So, my post crossing-mail art soul was literally bribed with it. Having came here with no enthusiasm I ended cheering everyone up saying that it would be fun ( I guess they hated me that moment >_<)

Initially, we all were given aprons and started to look like a group of bakers.  After a short lecture we started to create our own prints…

Actually that was fun and as we were split into pairs I made new friend-Viola.

But the part that I liked the most was about inks and colors. Just picture that in your mind: we all surrounded an old wood table full with paint cans and began to mix colors. Doesn’t resemble young alchemists?!

Overall, I liked this workshop. Especially the second class when Lisa described for us the whole process of creating the print by ourselves.

I wanna try to make my own print design one day, maybe even to decorate a piece of clothing in such a way..

See u all! And remember “Print is not dead!”!

The story of how I fell in love in London

Dear world!

I used to hate hand work. The reason why is that I am pretty sure that  I have two left hands with all thumbs. If u don’t believe here is the story from the last time I tried : that was a stormy day of 2017, the wi-fi was cut off for sone reasons  and I hit rock bottom because of this- it involved decoupage. In short I will say only that glue and pieces of tissue were everywhere …. in my hair… on my cloth …the next day I saw some stuff even in the lobby of the house …..literally everywhere..

So, when we went to 3D induction I was quite skeptical. However, it turned out to be interesting. We were shown lots of spots that we can use that all together looked like factory floor and also we were told about safety. And here again: lots of machines that are like small Death Stars. U look at them, they look back at you and in the uncomfortable silence u feel the threat…

Nevertheless, after the induction I was inspired. I was eager to try to make something myself.. Several days passed, and I was standing in 3D room again. I looked quite confident and prepared ( at least I hope so, because before going there I took the picture of all my ten fingers and was quite sure that one of them would be gone till the end of the day…).  Having talked to stuff members, I started to work. I was so involved and excited that didn’t stop smiling al the time…That was weird >-< Almost 3 hours past and I barely noticed that…

In the end I went home holding a model of the own model…. That was the first moment that I felt that I am studying art… I created something!

To my astonishment, my fingers were okay and that became the subject of joy for the next few days…

I am sure that I will be back to this studio lots of time in the future. I really enjoyed it and wanna to learn how to work in this space just by myself.

See u!


Dear world!

I know that I was mostly sarcastic in previous posts, but know I want to talk deeply and seriously.

The topic is my final outcome for the first assignment in the uni ever. Well, that was kinda tough. First of all, I had no idea what I am supposed to do in the beginning. Then , inspired by teachers’ “try something new, things that u have never done before”, I came up with an idea to make a 3D model of the letter and to decorate it . For me, a person who is not used to do something with hands , that was a real challenge. But after one of our Monday sessions everything began even more complicated…

U see, it took me lots of time to work out the ideas of possible letter projects, with all these measurements ( plus, I have horrible size visualization) and thinking about materials that I can find and use. Doesn’t sound as an easy peasy lemon squeeze task, does it?! So, when I introduced the idea to the classmates , their question was ” what does it have to do with your pathway?” Damn it! Actually, it slipped my mind. On the other hand, I didn’t see anything bad to try new ways of expressing myself and thought that we could do whatever we want..

To cut the long story short the class ended with a new task-to make a stop motion video.

Okay, I had done it before. I know what to expect.

That was what I thought initially… Hell! I didn’t realize yet that I would be dealing with small unstable figures of people that would be falling all the time, making me cry because of anger and despair.

My first appearing in photo studio wasn’t as well as I expected it to be… it was crap, to be honest… So, I went there again and again and again….

In the end I have lots of pictures of the letter and with Lucy’s help ( Thank’s God!) I had a short video. Of course it is not ideal….at all. There are some mistakes. But I am so proud of it, as if I gave a birth to it as to a real child. I think I will never love any little bastard as much as I love this video. And here is why: I searched through all architectural shops in London to buy decorations, made some buddies on the forum for students-architects that gave me some practical advice about making the letter, ran to a 4d modelshop right after uni and in the last 5 min before it was closed I bought  the stuff that I needed, there is glue, stones, sand, artificial green etc everywhere in my room, even in the bathroom….

I learnt my mistakes and I know for sure that I will try to make a stop motion video again. And ,hell yes, it is gonna be much more better than what I did!

So…What was the idea behind all that “headache”?!

Well, actually, me secondary research was dedicated to another letter – O. I had read lots of articles about different characters and that was the letter that rouse my interest the most. Nevertheless, I didn’t want to have my final work about the same symbol . I felt that it would be  wrong if I did that. And that was the clue! Feeling! Perception!

U see, my secondary research was based on academic facts , history and studying works of other artists. It had not much to do personally with me. So in my final outcome I decided to reveal what the character meant to me. I just opened the alphabet and started staring at all letters until I was already drawing A in various styles. It just happened.

I was thinking what that letter stands for… Adventure. Ambition. Able. Aim. Ahead. Action. But the word that  I felt was the one turned out to be ASPIRATION.. Can u feel the link?

The letter A for me is about the freedom, the new start, it is about believing and being brave, being challenged …  it’s about being real and becoming who u meant to be….

Besides I tied the project with my own background-the last year of my life. I was studying in Ukrainian Leadership Academy. And here again, perfect match with the letter: A-Alumni. That was a way to say goodbye to that life stage that had a big influence on me and to move on.

That is the story of my first profound work. I am really glad I had this experience. And hope that when I’ll be writing about the next one, my outcome would be much more better…

See u!



Tuesday challenge

Dear world!

I am sitting now at the class and my job is to freeze the time… Confused?! Don’t be! Actually, we simply were running out of time, so I decided to take this huge responsibility on myself while others were constructing Marshmallow Spaghetti Tower. And, u know, I was completely sure that I had been doing it well until the teacher said us to stop. Oh, maybe I froze the time of a stranger somewhere… Poor guy… But thats out of topic! So, back to a Marshmallow Tower!

The task was to make a construction from 20 spaghetti sticks, masking tape, wool and to put a marshmallow on its top. That was a nice team building task , nevertheless  I guess the reason why we failed was because no one in our group approached the task seriously in the beginning. Jil was laughing, Musu was worrying, Ivan was procrastinating and I was trying to blow off the towers of out opponents using the power of my mind.

Moreover, I believe that we didn’t complete the the task in time because of the lack of communication. If everyone had just said his/her ideas at first, we would have understood what we had to do quicker and spent our time in much more useful way. Eventually, we just ended up doing  different towers that had nothing in common.  Any of us listened to others and tried to understand what they were doing. We could split tasks for everyone to make a certain part of one tower and then combined them, but unfortunately we didn’t.

However, the most difficult part was not to eat a marshmallow. It was so close all the time, just there… but you couldn’t take that. Brrrrrrrr… Sounds like a punishment a too violent one… However, initially it was said that if you ate a marshmallow , then you lost. We hadn’t done that. So, logically, each of us was a winner that day. >_<


See u!

First weekends in London or the rehabilitation of the big shame

Dear world!

The first my thought that day was “ Anna! For the sake of God, u must make yourself to leave this fucking warm and soft and comfortable and safe…STOP It!….Just get out of the bed ! NOW!!!!” .

I managed to do that, of course not immediately , but after an hour of self-flagellation I was already walking towards the Westminster bridge. I even succeeded to persuade my friends to go there  with me on foot assuring them that they won’t die of exhaustion after that walk.

The day before we were sitting in the kitchen brainstorming in what useful way we can spend our weekends. The decision was simple: we had already been in London for a week and weren’t in any museum yet. That was a shame!

The first museum I decided to visit was National Gallery.  Why? No specific reason. It is in the city center and has a collection of canvases by impressionists – it was enough for me.

I’ve already been to lots of best world’s art museums, so I wasn’t very impressed by it. Of course I enjoyed paintings and all this special atmosphere of mystery, antiquity , mastery  and admiration.

However, it was lots of people sitting on the floor with their sketchbooks scrutinizing the masterpieces and trying to repeat touches of great artists, that I liked the most. It was interesting to guess why and observe which work was chosen by every other person. Some was staring at ancient religious paintings the other was enchanted by experiments of self-expression of the modern artists. All these people were of different sex, age and origin, but here they were united by the love to the great art. That inspired me… I realized that I also wanna create something powerful enough to destroy any social borders between people. Just art. Just a way to feel that u are alive.

We spent there nearly 2 hours wandering among huge canvases, reading names of their creators and reflexing on it in our minds. Peace and Quietness.

Next time I am going to return there to study every painting in details with audioguide. Floor by floor. Making notes and reading additional information online.

I am inclined to believe that If u want to create art or work in creative sphere u must have profound knowledge in its history and gain an understanding of different streams.

So, I have a lot of work to do! Wish me luck >_<

See u!

Letterpress Induction or I am “Ah!”



Dear world!

( What could be better than classic?! )

I am back. Did u miss me?! Sure that the answer is yes >_<

Guess what I am gonna talk about?! Yeaaa, one more story about induction. Excited?! Me neither…

So, I’ll try to make the narration as      exciting  as possible.

Lets go!

When I was thinking about letterpress before, I thought that it was dead. Nothing changed. I still think so. Okay, yes,  it is a nice technique to use if u wanna create your own poster or a brochure . Here I need to detail: ONE or at least not more than 10 pieces, but if to consider mass-producing it is crazy to use letterpress ! Dozens of hours and labour work to do what can be done much more easier within digital space! Nevertheless, that was great to have such experience and to know how to use it.

During the induction I felt like being in Victorian England surrounded by all those strange machines, old posters and metal letter blocks… The working space and stuff were lovely and we all enjoyed the lesson. Personally, I liked the fact that there are much less sharp objects that can harm you compering with other studios. . More or less but I felt safe >_<  The only warnings were about the heavy weight of some stuff, but I am a strong Ukrainian girl, remember?! So that’s not a problem ( its a shame to admit but I discovered that it is, later on).

Every student had enough time to experiment with various types and sizes. I made my initials “AH” with two medium elegant letters . And after I did that for the first time in my life I realized that it is the same as a conversational exclamation “Ah! “. Well, to be honest that occupied my mind for the rest of the class. I was thinking is it cool or it is the cross to bear for my entire life…. Ahahah, just kidding.  Actually, it let me to the idea  that I should explore other people’s initials that are the same as conversational short forms in English language. Who knows maybe it will end up as a good project?!

( I can bet that now u are starting to  write your own initials and to compare it with abbreviations – if yes, write it in the comments, that  will be interesting to read).

Overall, there are not so many things to say about the induction. I am sure that I will be back, as I wanna to create a poster one day, but I don’t think that I will spend lots of time there during the year.


See u!