Letterpress Induction or I am “Ah!”



Dear world!

( What could be better than classic?! )

I am back. Did u miss me?! Sure that the answer is yes >_<

Guess what I am gonna talk about?! Yeaaa, one more story about induction. Excited?! Me neither…

So, I’ll try to make the narration as      exciting  as possible.

Lets go!

When I was thinking about letterpress before, I thought that it was dead. Nothing changed. I still think so. Okay, yes,  it is a nice technique to use if u wanna create your own poster or a brochure . Here I need to detail: ONE or at least not more than 10 pieces, but if to consider mass-producing it is crazy to use letterpress ! Dozens of hours and labour work to do what can be done much more easier within digital space! Nevertheless, that was great to have such experience and to know how to use it.

During the induction I felt like being in Victorian England surrounded by all those strange machines, old posters and metal letter blocks… The working space and stuff were lovely and we all enjoyed the lesson. Personally, I liked the fact that there are much less sharp objects that can harm you compering with other studios. . More or less but I felt safe >_<  The only warnings were about the heavy weight of some stuff, but I am a strong Ukrainian girl, remember?! So that’s not a problem ( its a shame to admit but I discovered that it is, later on).

Every student had enough time to experiment with various types and sizes. I made my initials “AH” with two medium elegant letters . And after I did that for the first time in my life I realized that it is the same as a conversational exclamation “Ah! “. Well, to be honest that occupied my mind for the rest of the class. I was thinking is it cool or it is the cross to bear for my entire life…. Ahahah, just kidding.  Actually, it let me to the idea  that I should explore other people’s initials that are the same as conversational short forms in English language. Who knows maybe it will end up as a good project?!

( I can bet that now u are starting to  write your own initials and to compare it with abbreviations – if yes, write it in the comments, that  will be interesting to read).

Overall, there are not so many things to say about the induction. I am sure that I will be back, as I wanna to create a poster one day, but I don’t think that I will spend lots of time there during the year.


See u!

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