A long way down London’s Chinatown


“Dim and mysterious is London’s Chinatown-and in Limehouse Causeway one gets the tang of betel-nut,of bhang, and of-opium.”

Dear world!

I am really lucky that we had this post code project. Apparently, I learnt a lot from this. And it inspired me a lot.

If not for this, I will probably never create ‘UAtown’ .

However, Ukrainian diaspora hasn’t been a subject of my research from the beginning. I was interested to work on a ‘banana’ issue-self-identification of people who were born immigrants and how they are perceived my those who were raised in a Homeland.  Chinese ‘bananas’ (yellow outside and white inside) is a bright maple of such discrimination.

I was thinking about creating am animation video with live background of Chinatown and Soho in collaboration with some of my classmates. I created a storyboard, shooter a background video and edited that. However, it turned out that other members of the team wasn’t as into this project as I was. So, I failed.

(Charlie’s drawings. There were supposed to be two main heroines-immigrants: one Chinese girl Ling who meets Ukrainian ,Zlata .)

But, it is okay. One day I will make it real!

So, before this project I was studying this ‘banana’ phenomenon. especially, it was extremely useful interesting to talk with my friends of Chinese descent: a boy from Canada , Jimmy, and a girl from Australia, Olivia. We were eating Chinese food together and chatting almost every evening.


See u all!

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