‘Uatown’ : to be or not to be

Dear world!

After spending almost a month studying Chinatown and Chinese community, I ended up with one question : Why is it Chinese diaspora who has their cultural centre in London but not  Ukrainian ?

I mean, I has nothing against Chinatown and I understand that Chinese community is much more numerous than any other. But still! There are dozens of Chinatowns all over the world and just several Ukrainian ‘towns’ ( mostly in Canada).

So, I decided to create my own prototype of ‘Uatown’ which was based on social survey of Ukrainians. I started working on this idea in my zine. That was a very exciting process, as I was comparing two completely different cultures.

After I finished with that I felt that it wasn’t enough, I had to go on with this idea! I decided to create editorial. The main problem was that I had no idea how to create it digitally! I had never used Photoshop or Indesign before, so I was freaked out because of that.

I was borrowing a computer from library to work in Photoshop several times during  weeks and am proud to say that I am aware how to use it now.

Moreover, I needed pictures for my magazine. So , I took a camera from LCC kit room and went for photo-hunting in the city rather than working in the studio, as I had been spending all my time there while working on a previous project.

And, u know, what?! It is so much more difficult to take pictures with a camera rather than use a phone!!! I was taking several photos of one image to have a perfect one in the end.

I am proud of my work. And really hope that in the future this idea will transform from a university project into reality!

See u all!


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