Have I changed or the very first blog in 2019

Dear world!

2019. Here it is. And, I guess, this is the perfect timing to tell about the interests that I have developed on the course so far and challenges that I will have ahead.

Fist of all – entering a uni for bachelor degree. I have come to the UK in order to   make my childhood dream come true-become a movie director. However, an unexpected thing happened – I heard a presentation of PR course by Michal Chmiel and suddenly became extremely interested in the subject. So, after weeks of self-torturing and reflections, I decided to apply to both movie and pr courses. Picking up one of them is the problem of future Anna, not mine ( I can already feel how she is kicking my ass through space and time for that).

I realized that I really lack of time and knowledge: I immediately went to LCC library and took a textbook “Public Relations today” by Cameron, Wilcox, Reber and Shin, that turned out to be very interesting. Moreover, I started to write my “movie diary” in English to provide it together with a portfolio.

Moreover, 2019 will be the year that I publish my first set of short stories. I want to start with creating the design an bounding it on my own. My last uni workshop inspired me to go to hard cover workshop to make a book all by myself. If I really manage to do it, it will be gorgeous.

I also want to go to screen printing studio and make a set of posters to improve my skills in this technique.

Another goal is to shoot and edit as many videos as I can, cause I haven’t got a lot of practice. To tell the truth I am scared to do it. Here is the thing: I have been dreaming about it for so long, that when the time has come, I am afraid that they will be not as good as I imagined them to be. But it is not an excuse!

I am going to read at least 50 books during this year, not counting textbooks or those that I need for my studying. I hope it will give me more ideas for my own creative writing.

Besides living and studying in such a multicultural community make me search for language courses in London. I know already two foreign languages and I want to study the third! It will be French!

I want to visit at least three new countries this year and produce sets of art works reflecting on my impressions and experience there.

To top it all, my main aim is to understand and decide what I want to do in the nearest years, to find a harmony  and develop myself in various directions one of which is drawing, cause I still suck in it.

So, wish me good luck, as I am wishing you and all the best in the new year. Some people think about it as a new page in life. Personally, for me it is not, it is just a chance to start doing something you have been postponing all the time.

Lets make this year memorable and productive!

See u all!

And all the best!




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