The story about three collections and one bitchy tangerine

Dear world!

Have you ever collected anything!? Dolls, books, people…I mean whatever.

Well, than you know that for making a collection you need time. Like lots of time. However, our holiday brief was about collecting things quickly ( whereas considering 3 rules !!!). I had just several weeks to make three diffent collections with at least 25 objects in each.

The first my thought was “Crazy”. The second “Oh, come on, Anna! Aren’t you used to such things yet?!”. And the last one *exhale* “Just do this…”.

Well. The biggest challenge was that one of those had to consist of drawings. Bad, right? However, I came up with a cool decision- I gathered ways a one can use to draw a New Year tree if he/she doest have relevant skills. That was fun.

New Year tree collection, rules:
1. Orange color.
2. It has to take no more than 20 seconds.
3. Be obvious that it is a tree.

Then, I had to find 25 physical objects. I had had such experience before, so it was the easiest one for me. As a child I collected  buttons. It all started accidentally. I just found several buttons that had a form of pencils of different colors and was intrigued to find out what other forms could they have. Plus, once my grandma told that my father had used to collect stamps and showed me the album where he had put it all. I noticed several blank pages at the end of it and was inspired to kinda go on with the work of my father. So I took dozens of stamps from my trips to Italy and San Marino to add there.

For the brief I wanted it to include something Ukrainian as I went back home for holidays. I went to a chocolaterie and bought there 25 candies that had images of Ukrainian sights on its cover. I had a lot of work with them, I have to say. Can you imagine how difficult it was not to eat 25 chocolates in one time?! My greatest achievement was that I didn’t gain weight doing this part of the brief.


Chocolates' wraps, rules:
1. Roshen production
2. They have to be chocolates.
3. With images of Ukraine on it.

And the last but not the least-my digital collection.

Honestly?! I really lacked ideas. I had a set of pictures and videos I collected during my trip to Paris and was gonna use them, but after all these New Year celebrations I got inspired by all of that so much that one morning I just took a tangerine and started taking pictures of that with festive decorations that I had at home. And I had a lot of that, like really A LOT.

Tangerine's collection, rules:
1.Cristmas and New Year theme.
2.All pictures have to be taken indoors.
3.The tangerine on each of them.

I won’t terrorize you by showing every picture and telling about it, but you definitely won’t shake off without seeing any of them. That’s why, enjoy: 

Who is the master of disguise?! Yea, this is right. It is me!....Not you. Me!

Ho-Ho-Ho! I am your best present! OMG, you are sooo lucky! Honestly, I would be over the moon if I could get more of   myself.

Everyone can  be whoever he/she wants!I mean, obviously, I am perfect, but you still have hope to become, well..not asawesome as I am, but at least better than this.

Yea, I also have my needs! Even the greatest minds have  to rest. Personally, I don't want, but you know...I have to.  I am strong-willed enough to put aside my work and have    rest. Of course, I have no pleasure of it.

Oh, holy shit! Bro! What have those stupid humans done to  you?!

Basically, all of my three collections happened to be tied up quite closely. Main features are: Ukraine, orange color and New Year/Christmas theme.

The process was really enjoyable and interesting except for the fact that I was really nervous that I won’t have enought time to finish with that.

I have also stated thinking about such things as:

  • Why do people collect stuff?
  • Why do they choose exact objects for their collections?
  • What can me the deep meaning of collections of other people?
  • Why some people are collectors and other see no point in that?
  • Maybe I am a collector without realizing that?

There is a lot of famous people who collect very different things. For instance, Quentin Tarantino collects TV-shows themed board games, Herbert George Wells – tin soldiers, while Georges Simenon was more practical and collected first and second names from  phonebooks to use them later in his novels.

So, the reasons and items of collections can be different as each of collectors are. For some reason it is important to have such collections for some of us. And I think that this is fascinating!

Well, now you know my story of collecting things. Let’s talk about you now.

Are you a collector?

See u!

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